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Your inventory management simplified! Manage sales orders, customers, fulfillment, invoicing, payments, vendors, purchasing, and more…

Easily manage inventory across multiple facilities and know where every single piece of inventory is at all time. Manage inventory in multiple warehouses, multiple storefronts, stock rooms, etc. Fulfill orders based up fulfillment coverage by location while still maintaining a total inventory count needed for integrating with marketplaces and other 3rd parties. Pick, pack, and ship using simple, yet powerful, features to easily assign package to each carton and have full packing lists that will allow for easy packing and satisfied customers when the shipments arrive.

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So simple you’ll wonder what you’re going to do with all your spare time! Easily receive inventory, partial shipments, customer returns. Move inventory from one facility to another. Restock locations when inventory is lower than specified thresholds. Manage your returns easily and handle repairs, replacements, and credits with a couple of clicks!


What good is inventory if you can’t ship it in a timely manner? thriii’s simple pick/pack/ship process allows you to easily handle back orders, partial fulfillment, multi-carton shipments, and even fulfilling sales orders from more than one facility! Fulfill sales orders in a batch or one at a time. The choice is up to you!


Simply connect your favorite accounting platform to thriii’s backend and let us do the work! You setup simple rules for how you’d like to post your invoices into your accounting system, and thriii will automate sending invoices, posting invoices, and invoice reminders. We’ve even made it easier for you to enter your payments and credits!